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EMA is a miniature electronic alarm that weds the complete GSM part, sensors, stand-by Li-Ion battery and 12 V supply part including standard connection in one body. To put it into operation, one needs only put in the SIM card and plug the entire device in power supply connector (cigarette lighter connector) at your car. Now, you just give a ring. The device automatically saves your phone number with which it communicates. For more thorough adjustment or changes, you can use simple SMS instructions or connect your PC by an USB. EMA communicates in a simple and intuitive way with you. You can add your family members´ or employees´ phone numbers easily, you can change the SMS texts, device name; you can set up the sensors, if necessary…
EMA was awarded the first prize at Prague Fire & Security Days Award 2011, an international show of the latest trends in the branch of fire and safety technologies, systems and services. [/column] [column width=”28%”]EMA Gsm car micro alarm[/column]