We are an important distributor of mobiles phones, digital products and telecommunications services.


Our aim is to help our partners to achieve a success, as well as to make their life easier and more pleasant thanks to our quality service and modern products.

Company values

  • helpfulness and reliability
  • truthfulness and honesty
  • creativity targeted at simplicity
  • good relationships and team thinking

Our rules in the quality game

  1. Our customers can be fans of our team or just accidental viewers of the match. We always care that they like our game, become enthusiastic and leave satisfied. We want them to look forward to us and enjoy seing us if only when training.
  2. Our employees form a good team. We do our best to keep them healthy, well trained and satisfied.
  3. Each member of our team is motivated to improve his or her playing technique and communication with the viewers and team members and to bring new ideas to the game. We learn a one-touch game that is so popular among viewers.
  4. We carefully consider and control every investment. Our team does not waste either material or time.
  5. Our suppliers are our partners. Together with them we look for new training methods and new technologies for the viewers´ pleasure. We leave out those game elements that did not prove their worth and with which the viewers are not satisfied.
  6. The state and the community are the judges of our matches. We strive to play honestly and according to the rules.
  7. We all live under one heaven. Therefore we support charitable and non-profit-making organizations.

We want to play the 1st League constantly and our aim is to stand the test even in the European League.

We want you to feel good with us and to support us.

We want to play fair.

in Olomouc 1. 6. 2012

Pavel Kvapil

Chairman and CEO


Martin Loučka

Member of the Board


Pavel Pekař

Member of the Board